Organize your collection.
Up your sneaker game.
It's time for something new that will make tracking and cataloging your sneaker collection simple & fun.
$8 / month
Take your collection with you
Think of Unboxed as your personal sneaker assistant.
Your collection all-in-one place
No more bouncing around between spreadsheets and multiple apps to track your collection.
Find what you're looking for FAST!
From those sneakers you forgot about to the receipts and notes you wish you had with when you needed them most. Everything is now at your fingertips.
Stay Organized
Attach pictures, images, PDFs, and handwritten notes to your catalogue for safe keeping and easy access.
Track sneakers easier
Make adding sneakers as simple as sending an email. Forward your e-receipts to Unboxed to add your shoes in a single stroke.
Organize your way
A catalogue for every theme? Tags for all occasions? Organize the way that works best for you, or use advanced search to find what you need fast!
More features.
More growth & gains.
Want to know what your sneakers are worth?
Unboxed provides insight into market value and your gains & losses - helping you track all your sneaker investments.
Organize like a sneaker boss
Make Unboxed your all-in-one sneaker hub
Created by sneakerheads
for sneaker collectors & enthusiasts.
Unboxed is the ultimate companion app for sneaker enthusiasts. We are committed to organizing the sneaker world's collections. Our mission is to create opportunities for everyone in the sneaker community and make collecting sustainable for all.
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